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Backpacking in Heels is an upbeat, humorous and anecdotal travel blog geared towards more affluent backpackers or those wanting to take a luxury trip on a budget. Despite the name, it’s not solely female-skewed and is aimed at 18-35 year olds who want to travel independently.

Audience Interest

  • Luxury travel on a budget
  • Backpacking for twenty and thirty-somethings
  • Flashpacking (long-term travel with a slightly higher budget, more technology, and usually a slightly older demographic than backpacking)
  • City breaks
  • Volunteering and responsible tourism
  • Solo travel


From writing a bi-monthly column for Discover India magazine to photographing high end hotels and budget hostels, I’m always open to new opportunities to make money out of my blog – and keep funding my travels! Below are some sample blogs I’ve written in partnership with companies or publications:

Sponsored post for Soul & Surf, Kerala 

Sponsored post for Gulaal Hotel in Jaisalmer 

Sponsored post for Devi Bhawan

Articles for Discover India Magazine

If you’d like to discuss what I can do for you – whether it be a press trip or feature on your hostel – please get in touch.