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Backpacking In Heels - ABOUT ME
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About Me 

I’m a freelance TV Producer / Director with a background in documentaries. I particularly love the challenge of shooting overseas and in remote or hostile environments. My love of documenting stories, people and places is the reason I decided to start this blog. I’ve been travelling all my life but my backpacking adventures started when I was 18. I volunteered in a South African township school, inter-railed around Italy and worked as a journalist for Costa Rica’s Beach Times whilst learning Spanish in Central America.

Why Backpacking in Heels?

I travel light, spend frugally and love to go off the beaten track but who doesn’t like a bit of luxury even if you are travelling on a shoestring? I aim to offer tips and practical advice on just this.

In a more literal sense, my travel armory of course includes a head torch, sleeping bag liner and Swiss pen knife but if you’ve got space, a pair of heels are the perfect antidote to long stints hostel-hopping on a budget. My faithful topshop wedges weren’t much use when I was hiking Machu Picchu or on safari in the Serengeti but they’re a useful addition to your backpack when you’re spontaneously invited to a Burns’ Night cèilidh in Uganda, go bar-hopping till dawn in Rio or end up gatecrashing a party at the British Embassy.

When I went backpacking for the first time, I was amused by the cliched backpacker dress code of harem pants and vest tops emblazoned with the local beer brand. But it wasn’t long before I conformed to the stereotype, dressing like a true gringo as I followed the backpacking trail from Costa Rica to Guatemala. That was over 10 years ago though and now I like to think I dress a bit more culturally appropriate! Through my time as a backpacker, I’ve slept in a hammock in indigenous villages and lived in a slum in Cambodia but equally, I’ve donned my heels for a night out in Kampala and when raving in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District until dawn. Flip flops aren’t always a girl’s best friend.


Countries visited in heels so far: Argentina, America, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, England, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Ireland, India, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Wales, Uganda, Uruguay

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