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Date a London Girl Who Travels

The brilliant Huffington Post travel section recently featured an article, ‘Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels’, which has stirred up a lot of debate amongst the travelling community, who have been quick to jump to the defence of us nomadic singletons who obviously can’t travel AND hold down a relationship. So I wanted to pen my own version… I’ve called it ‘Date A London Girl Who Travels’. 


She’s the one with the tousled beach hair, floaty dresses she picked up at a market in South America and envy-inducing tan marks which you won’t be able to keep your eyes off.

Date a London girl who travels. Your dates will never be ordinary. She’ll whisk you off to hidden gems you never knew existed – she’ll pick a foreign film festival over the latest Blockbuster and an authentic little Peruvian cevicheria over a Nandos. Together you’ll discover a whole new world right on your doorstep. You’ll see London through the eyes of a girl who travels.

Date a London girl who travels because she will surprise you with Eurostar tickets to Paris or a last-minute city break in Rome. She’ll indulge you with experiences not material things. Who needs another weekend in London when you have so many European cities and places around the UK within easy reach.

Chances are, she’s got the work ethic of a mule and is hungry for success. She works to fund her insatiable appetite for globetrotting so puts her all into everything she does. She’ll encourage you to take a sabbatical or quit the job you loath in order to see the world with her. So seize the day. You only live once and success is not measured by the size of your paycheque but the memories you make. Escape the London rat race and ride a tut-tut instead of the tube.

Date a London girl who travels. She speaks a bit of several languages and is the most worldly, cultured and open-minded creature you’ll ever meet. She’s well read and highly educated with a hunger for learning and broadening her horizons. She values new experiences and shuns monotonous routines. She’ll never allow you to be ‘stuck in a rut’ and your Boris bike ride could finish in France.

Date a girl who travels for she is certain of her goals in life. She has contacts all over the world and has built a network of friends in every continent. She’s independent and self-sufficient. From spending time alone and being forced to meet new friends along the way, she is comfortable in her own skin and won’t be insecure that you’ll leave her. When she meets someone worth settling down for, her restlessness might subside or she’ll take you along for the ride.

Date a London girl who travels as she is eloquent and opinionated. She’ll be conscious not to brag or gloat about her encyclopedic knowledge of world geography but she’ll always find common ground with your friends and family. From your parents’ honeymoon destination which she recently blogged about to your mates’ gap year in South America, she’ll be able to quickly relate to their favourite trips rather than politely smiling and nodding, with nothing to contribute. What’s more, after months of listening to NGO workers and backpacking veterans preach about global issues or social responsibility, she’ll be relieved to have light-hearted banter with fellow Londoners and moan about the weather.

She will never take you for granted. She’s slummed it in flea-infested hostels and lived off a simple diet of rice and beans. She’s spent time without life’s mod cons so will appreciate simple luxuries like a bubble bath or a night in front of X Factor. She’ll be grateful that someone else is planning the itinerary for a change and that she won’t need to rely on her guide book to find her way around. She’ll retain her independence but she’ll enjoy being taken care of.

So date a girl who travels if you want to be her partner in crime. A life with her will be spontaneous and full of surprises and her biggest adventure can start with you.

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